Come può imparare qualcosa di diverso da sé stessa?

venerdì 14 novembre 2014

A Reign to serve.

A Reign
to serve Something
over us,
over you,
over them
and everything.

A Reign
to serve
a God
without a name,
a true name,
that a man can say.

A Reign
you'd want to have.
But you don't try
'cause it's too much
to everyone,
to you too.

A Reign
you'd want to serve,
to have,
to reign.
But when you try,
you don't make it.
No one can make it
'cause no one is enough
for something so big,
so far,
so powerful
and true.

A Reign
too full of God
to be owned by someone.

Someone like you,
who want the power of a Reign
to destroy it.

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