About me!∼

Hello everyone!
I’d like to write a nice presentation, but I really don’t know how to, so you’ll have to do with whatever’ll come out.
I’m Vale, I love writing since always and I’ve been thinking about trying to write in English for a while… so here I am.
I was born on the 18th October, 1997, in a small small small town in South Italy. Now I study Linguistic and Cultural Mediation in Milan. Apart from english (that’s more of an hobby) I study japanese and russian, but I would like to learn other languages as well, at least swedish/norwegian, spanish, french and korean.
I have way too many hobbies, so I don’t really depeen them as much as I’d want to. I really don’t have the time, uni is already time-consuming as it is.
One of the most important things about me is probably my love for books. Choosing is difficult, but if I have to I’d say my favorite one is Jane Austen’s Pride and Predjudice. Among my idols you can find Edgar Allan Poe, Emily Dickinson and many others. Unpopular opinion: I don’t like that much J. K. Rowling.
I love history, travelling and obviously languages, and I want to talk here about my trips ‘cause it seems like a nice way to share new interesting things.
And I really want to say something else about me but don’t actually know what. I guess you’ll get to know me from my posts, so thank you for giving me your time and keep reading!

You can find me on Facebook (here) and Instagram (here). And I used to have a Twitter account, but I never understood how that work and can’t bring myself to use a limited amount of character, so I won’t even post the link.
I’ll be happy to answer your comments on my posts, though sometimes it might take a while ‘cause I’m really socially awkward and worried about answering in a strange/wrong way. Maybe nonsense, I know, but I can’t help it. Just know that I love you all just for being here reading this.